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How to Find an Apartment in NYC: One Fashion Student's Advice–Part II

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Google "How to find an apartment in NYC" and 124,000,000 results come up in .14 seconds and you think you've found the answer to your question. Well, not quite. If you are studying fashion in New York and looking for a place to live, finding the right apartment can be confusing, overwhelming and time-consuming.

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1) It's common to use a real estate broker when finding an apartment in NYC. If you know exactly what neighborhood you want to live in it's usually best to find a broker there so that they can show you around and give you a true feel as to what it would be like to live there. Most brokers have websites where you can view available apartments, including some photos and detailed descriptions. Just make sure, for safety reasons, that when you go to visit somewhere you take a friend with you.

2) If you want to steer clear of hefty brokers' fees, you can also find an apartment by word of mouth or advertisements. Big newspapers like The New York Times, Daily News, and Newsday all list apartments. Now that most newspapers are posted online, it's easy to view their classified ads section that way.

3) Explore. When I'm walking around Roosevelt Island I see so many "For Rent" signs posted, so it can definitely pay to walk around the neighborhood you want to live in. Just keep your eyes wide open!

4) Apartment referral service. Ok - I'll admit that before doing research for this post I wasn't quite sure exactly what this was, but it seems as though some of these (take the time to find a reputable one) can be really helpful and are a growing resource for savvy students (like us). If you're comfortable with the Internet, a small monthly fee will provide you with a list of apartment rentals as soon as they become available. The research comes to you - not vice-versa!

Good luck!

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