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Finding a Work Project Job: Some Work Needed

posted by LIM College staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents lola.rephann My Documents website BLOGS Hubspot Blogs Short Takes MaryKateGuidryMany of us have chosen LIM College because of its strong emphasis on combining education with real-world work experience. The current economic climate has made finding jobs more difficult, so here are some tips.

It helps if you have an employment history before starting college. Even if your earlier job was not in retail, prospective employers will value the experience. If you have no work experience, be prepared to talk about similar experiences such as leadership in clubs and activities or relevant volunteer work.  

Start applying as soon as possible. Procrastination never helped anyone, and this is no exception.

Do not apply to your favorite store only. Working in retail and shopping are two different matters that may be completely unrelated: a good place to shop may not be ideal for work and vice versa. Furthermore, the most famous stores are not necessarily the best employers.

Attend every job fair and use Symplicity religiously. Okay, so maybe Skechers isn’t your favorite store, but why not go to the interview? You’ll gain interviewing experience and maybe they’ll like you so much that they’ll pay you more than your other store options. Remember, even if you’re offered a job, you can always decline.

Make an “Application Day” into a “Me, Myself & I Day"! Don’t just sit on Symplicity and click around, although it is a helpful and important tool. Get out and apply to any store that you think you would enjoy working for! Go on a nice day and take in scenery and fresh air; take some personal time. You might even be able to squeeze in some shopping time before the big holiday rush.

Try not to stress! You have tons of other things to worry about: exams, projects, roommates, friends. As long as you follow these steps (apply, apply, apply!) You’ll find a Work Project job that you’re satisfied with, and maybe even decide to keep through school or go back to during the summer. Who doesn’t like to have extra money?

- Mary Kate Guidry

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