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Kell on High Heels

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describe the imageEvery woman who aspires to be the queen of her own destiny will find a hands-on mentor in Kelly Cutrone’s insightful, no-bull guide to ditching the fairy tale dreams of damsels past and creating your own dynasty.

If You Have to Cry, Go Outside, and Other Things Your Mother Never Told You is a girls’ guide to conquering the world we actually live in (based on her own experience and “co-written” with Meredith Bryan). All nine chapters are laced with brutally honest realities of what it takes to become a power woman in a world that still categorizes women as inferior to men in the workplace.

Cutrone dishes advice about finding a “tribe” of equally liberated individuals who “make your heart sing” as a foundation for achieving your dreams. Other chapters cover the PR maven’s pearls of wisdom about creating your own personal brand and a how-to guide to creating your own DIY (do-it-yourself) religion. Cutrone explains the difference between a warrior and a worrier and breakdowns versus breakthroughs. Compressed to a sentence, her advice tells how to: “Fake it to make it, give good phone, respect your mama wolf and that bitch is not always a bad word.” Who better to accept advice and guidance from than a once narcotics-indulging-homeless-in-Times-Square-small town-dreamer who transformed herself into a trademark publicity guru with her own lucrative boutique, fashion and lifestyle PR firm?

Her book can inspire you to network your way to your dream job in whatever field excites you. Cutrone's journey may seem incredible, but she began it as a newcomer to the city, like many LIM College students who did not set foot on Manhattan until they came here to college. So do what “Mama-Wolf” Kelly says, and “Gather up your courage like an armful of free clothes at a McQueen sample sale." And don’t forget, if Kelly’s heartfelt account of her struggles makes you feel that you have to cry—go outside!

If you missed Kelly Cutrone’s book signing in early April, or her visit to LIM College last fall, join the Kell On Earth (Bravo’s hit reality show about Cutrone and her People’s Revolution team) fan club page on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter.

-- Lola Mendez

Some discussions about Kelly Cutrone suggested by Dr. Robert Clark, Director of the Writing Center:

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