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Tim Burton--A Career That Has Transformed Hollywood

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describe the imageThis is the last weekend to go in person to see the great exhibit about Tim Burton’s career at MoMa. But a beautiful book that records the exhibition and offers much more is also being published to honor how Burton’s style, animations, and vision have changed Hollywood.

When I went to see the exhibit, it was enjoyable despite a crowd that snaked around the block. Different rooms in the show each focused on various parts of the story of Burton’s career. The first was dark, with black walls and blue lights, and featured an interesting sculpture he created. Throughout the exhibit, music played and flat-screen TV video added to the experience of the art. I will not do a “spoiler” by saying what is in every room because Burton’s work offers surprises, but will reveal that costumes from Land of the Apes and Edward Scissorhands are on display.

Don’t forget the rest of MoMa.  Fashions students might make it a habit to go for inspiration, and tickets to shows and films are available online.

-- Jennifer Petrosini

MoMa online

Comprehensive Burton fan site, although not up to date

The book that will be published based on the exhibit but with many extras

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