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Are Designers Tattoos for You?

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describe the imageTemporary tattoos are no longer just for little kids. Designer ink has evolved into one of the biggest beauty trend from the SS 2010 runway. Rodarte had oversized tribal art on their models during the NY runway.  Then, Jean Paul Gautier featured the models’ names laced across their bodies in ink at his Paris show. Even a house that was once associated with classic and formal styling, Chanel, featured hand-painted designs of delicate beads, sparrows, cherry blossoms and their double-c logo on models' legs, necks and wrists during the SS 2010 show. 

The tattoos received so much attention from the press that Trompe-l'oeil Chanel has produced a limited edition packet of five sheets that feature fifty-five runway inspired designs originally hand-drawn by Global Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, Mr. Peter Philips. (He is the same genius who was behind last season’s jade nail veneer). Philips describes the designs as playing with “the Chanel symbols, the pearls, the chains, wheat, as well as blossoms and small swallows who usually announce the arrival of spring. The chains dressed the slender and delicate wrists. The pearls, intertwined with flowers and wheat, fell like cascades down the length of the legs, or became a necklace on which the swallows rested.”

The temporary tats can be purchased in select Chanel boutiques this spring for $75.00. Each tattoo‘s average cost is $1.36, making it Chanel’s most affordable accessory ever. Chanel is famous for elegance and enduring creations. Who knew that Chanel followers needed designer fishing rods, footballs, boomerangs, surf boards and… samurai helmets? I think I’ll stick with the temporary skin art for now, thanks.

-- Lola Mendez

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