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Easy Eye Make-up, Professional Aspiration

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describe the imageHave a big event to go to: a wedding, a graduation, or a first date and want to look your best without a huge price tag? After I was invited to a black tie event last month, not only was I scrambling to find an appropriate evening gown to wear, but had no idea what to do with my makeup to look formal. At first, I thought it would be best to have a professional makeup artist do my makeup for the event, but a little research led me to ColorOnPro. The product is an instant eye shadow that's applied similarly to a temporary tattoo. The results can be near those of a professional’s styling. A single application can be used to shadow both eyes and the "GetSet" powder provided in the kit will provide shadow that will last all day without smudging.

ColorOnPro is actually less expensive than many eye-shadow products—$18 to 30 for a kit that can provide anywhere from 10- 40 applications in colors such as smoky gray and golden brown. You can also customize the colors. Along with the basic celebrity make-up inspired styles, there are also unique prints such as leopard and snake animal print. After trying the “Smokey Classics” color, I couldn’t believe how much time I saved, how easy it was to do, and mostly how great it looked!  ColorOnPro is a great choice if you need to attend an event and have limited time to fuss around with makeup

-- Francesca Inguaggiatto

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