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Working a Fashion Week Internship with my Fashion Idol

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describe the imageThe reason LIM College was my first choice as a school is all the amazing internship opportunities that seem to come with the territory. Case in point: I am now working a fall internship with one of my all-time fashion idols, Robert Verdi, at this year’s Fashion Week. 

It’s a small office so I wear a lot of different hats as an intern, but one role I’m particularly excited about is my involvement in events for this season’s collections in the industries extravangza. Robert Verdi is planning a week’s worth of industry leaders and celebrities working on projects from his famous Luxe Lab, which is right beneath his main office.  

I will be on the front line working every second possible, and soaking up every detail to learn about our industry. This will be the most hectic, and rewarding experience LIM College has brought me yet!

--Michelle Hamm

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