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LIM College NYCIf you are anything like me, you are beginning to notice engagement and wedding invitations start to stack up. More than sixty percent of people surveyed by The said they are not likely to decline an invitation to a friend or family member’s wedding due to hard economic times. From pre-wedding bashes to transportation and the mandatory new cocktail dress or tuxedo rental, the average attendee or couple expects to spend between $100 and $500 for a local wedding, and over $1000 for a wedding they must travel to attend. Three or four invitations a year add up fast. Nevertheless, there are ways to cut corners without having to miss Great Aunt Dotty dance the electric slide or your first college roommate deliver a tear-jerking speech at the reception.

Attending a far-away affair? Planning ahead will save you big when it comes to booking your flight. Try fair-tracking websites such as that watch whatever route you need (say New York City to Miami), e-mail you when fares drop and even refund you the difference if a fare drops after you book a flight.

Don’t procrastinate about buying the wedding gift either. Lower-priced items vanish from a bride’s registry near her shower, so plan ahead to purchase a gift at a comfortable price point, or else you could be stuck with a $200 pair of candlesticks come the big day!

For family weddings, or even weddings among friends, recycling dresses just won’t work. Buying a new cocktail dress for every nighttime nuptial would become nightmarishly expensive. Instead, try out Designer dresses are available to rent from labels including Halston Heritage, Hervé Léger, Calvin Klein Collection and Proenza Schouler. Rentals start at $50 for four days: perfect for a weekend wedding getaway. Ready for the best part? They include a second size to ensure a perfect fit, and even take care of the dry cleaning!

After the dollars have been spent, being present at your loved one’s celebration is what matters most. But by planning ahead, you will weep tears of joy after the first kiss, instead of tears of regret at the arrival of your post-wedding credit card bill.

-- Quin Acciani


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