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The Lights Premiere Party

posted by LIM College staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents lola.rephann My Documents website BLOGS Hubspot Blogs Short Takes content images Lights1I attended The Lights premiere party and event last week at the Empire Room Bar,  hosted by NewYorkCityPR in association with NH Media. The Lights is a new online show about four female entrepreneurs in New York, originally conceived as a spin-off of The Hills. The concept for The Lights preceded The City, another similar show in the popular “reality” competition and aspiration genre. However The Lights will feature four new entrepreneurs next season, not an ongoing cast.  

Let me tell you a little bit about the four talented stars of the show.

Emily Brickel designs for Rock Hard Atelier. She made some amazing dresses during the event that are multi-function and easy to accessorize for day to evening wear. 

Christina Esther is an executive producer and creator of the show, has devised beauty products to cheer women up after a relationship break-up. She currently promotes a line called FudgeHim.

Sarah Austin is often called an “Internet personality” and makes videos for Pop17 as well as her own channel.

Marigo Mihalos is a publicist and president of MSM Public Relations, which currently represents, Bonnie Fuller and BGR.

This online show releases new episodes every Thursday.

--Audrey Ong


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