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posted by LIM College staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents lola.rephann My Documents website BLOGS Hubspot Blogs News images OpenHouseAttending an LIM College Open House program is an ideal way to learn what it's like to be a student at LIM College. You will tour our campus buildings and residence hall and listen to presentations on Admissions, Curriculum, Career Opportunities and Financial Aid. You'll also have plenty of opportunities to speak directly with our faculty, students, and staff.

LIM College is exclusively dedicated to the business of fashion. Our students go on to careers in Visual Merchandising, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Styling, Celebrity Styling, Fashion Communications, and Fashion Management.

LIM College has excellent relations with the fashion industry which provide our students with amazing opportunities, from working as interns during New York Fashion Week to assisting designers in their showrooms and studios. LIM College students all graduate with real experience in the fashion industry; it's a requirement for graduation!

The next Open House will be held on October 16, 2010. There are also mini "information sessions" being held on Columbus Day, October 11th, at 10:30am and 2:30pm. Registration is required.

Topics: New York City, student life