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TAP: A Great Investment for New York State

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In recent years it has becomingly increasingly difficult for many students and their families to afford a college education. And to succeed in today’s rapidly-changing global economy, a college education is vitally important. Careers that pay well and offer opportunities for advancement require a college degree, and job opportunities for those without one are diminishing. 

New York State’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) was created in 1974 to make college accessible for all New York State residents who wish to attend colleges and universities in New York State, regardless of their economic circumstances.

TAP makes it possible for thousands of New Yorkers to afford college and is an investment that pays huge dividends. Because once these students graduate, they are able to secure good jobs here in New York and become productive, tax-paying members of their communities. TAP reductions mean college may not be an option for many potential students, primarily those who have the academic qualifications and the desire to attend college, but lack the financial means.

As a member of APC Colleges, LIM College is part of an effort to persuade the New York State Legislature to restore recent TAP funding cuts. In addition to participating in a statewide e-advocacy campaign, a group of LIM College students, alumni, and administrators will travel to Albany in March to meet with elected officials and urge them to support TAP restorations.

Reducing TAP is a mistake New York cannot afford to make. Our goal is to help our State legislators understand that providing financial assistance for students pursuing higher education is a great investment for everyone in New York State.

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