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Smart. Beautiful. The LIM College Class of 2013.

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On May 31 LIM College held its Commencement exercises at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall. Families, friends, faculty, staff, and Board members joined us en masse to recognize the accomplishments of our amazing Class of 2013.

In my address I referenced the “Smart is beautiful” tagline Amazon uses in ads for its Fashion division. I did so because our graduates have learned how much more there is to the world of fashion than glitter and glamour and superficial ideas of what is beautiful.

They know there is a hidden force behind what those outside the fashion industry see as effortless beauty and glamour. That force is made up of smart businesspeople who put in a tremendous amount of effort behind the scenes.

Our graduates also know that image can only take one so far. In today’s intensely competitive and technologically advanced global business society, worth is measured mainly by what a creative and strategic mind can envision and what relentless hard work can accomplish.

I have been privileged to witness how an LIM College education has transformed so many of our graduates from enthusiastic but inexperienced college students to competent and confident young professionals. I hope the Class of 2013 will continue to live their lives with the attitude that each new experience is an opportunity to learn more and every new day is another chance to become smarter. Those who heed that advice will always come away with something valuable and, quite often, something beautiful.

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From left: Ellen Tracy President & CEO Mark Mendelson, LIM College President Elizabeth S. Marcuse, Class of 2013 undergraduate Valedictorian Samantha Mellone

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