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Starting the Semester with a Student Focus

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As we begin the Fall 2015 semester, I’d like to remind both our new and returning students that the LIM College community can be one of your greatest tools for success.

In fact, over the past two years, we’ve been working to define and articulate LIM’s Core Values. You may ask — what are Core Values? They are the fundamental principles that guide us as we fulfill our educational mission.

During this process we took a thorough look at the College and what it stands for, and we were able to identify four of our most deeply held organizational beliefs. They are: Academic Excellence, Collegiality, Ethical Behavior and Student Focus. We uses the acronym ACES to help us remember them.

While each one of these four is equally important, I think it’s worth explaining more about what we mean by “Student Focus.” It means we place our students at the center of everything we do. It means our faculty and staff understand that individual student needs are unique and require personalized attention. We recognize and celebrate individuality and work hard to provide a supportive environment where all members of our diverse community can thrive and grow.

To that end, our professors and staff will provide you with an amazing amount of knowledge and connections to empower you to manage both your academic experience and your professional career. You can count on them to help guide you as you set goals for yourself and figure out your future.

This promises to be an exciting semester and I look forward to sharing it with everyone in the LIM College community.

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