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LIM College Students Abroad: Werribee Free Range Zoo

Posted on Thu, May 28, 2015 @ 01:14 PM

by Nicole Porras

Werribe_Nicole_300While spending a semester abroad at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, some friends and I decided to go to Werribee Zoo, which was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. My friends (from LIM College and elsewhere) and I have the spirit of 10-year-old girls so we were pretty excited to experience Werribee, which is known for its African theme and animals.

We had to take public transport to Werribee South (where the zoo is located) and it took about an hour of traveling to arrive at our destination. The first thing we did when we got there was hop on the Safari Bus Tour and needless to say, I felt like Eliza Thornberry. We saw so many beautiful animals including giraffes, rhinos, hippos, antelope and more. It was truly such a great experience.


Throughout the bus tour, there was an Australian tour guide telling us the history and facts about all of the animals. I remember passing this lonely ostrich and the tour guide told us that the ostrich was on a timeout because he loved to chase tour buses. I thought that was really funny. The weather was perfectly sunny, and it felt refreshingly new to enjoy so much natural beauty.

I think what really moved me the most was the fact that the animals looked so happy and healthy. The animals had so much space to roam and live freely, which really made me appreciate this zoo even more. It was an amazing feeling to be so close to these large, precious animals. It reminded me that there is so much to see in the world, and it reminded me that there is so much beauty all over the world.

It really made me want to go to Africa and other countries that I haven’t seen yet. There is so much to see and do, and I hope to experience more not only here in Australia, but in other countries around the world as well. Life is good my friends!


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Staying at Yarra House Before Heading to RMIT

Posted on Thu, May 21, 2015 @ 02:50 PM

by Alyxis Flaggs

Yarra_snakeWhen I first got to Australia I was staying at Yarra House while waiting to move to RMIT Village because the dorms were undergoing renovations. So where do I begin with Yarra House… the snakes or the long walks to the bus stop?

Well, Yarra House is student accommodation that is in Fairfield, a suburb outside of the city. The overall atmosphere of the accommodation is great. Everyone is so friendly and accepting. Yet on the other hand, it seems so far from civilization, especially coming from New York. 

Unfortunately though, there's nothing to do that is remotely close and doesn’t require walking AND waiting for the bus, which is rather slow. One day the bus was 20 minutes late, and it doesn’t even run on the weekends.


The building is pretty old and has one lift that you can't use unless you have a key. Of course I was living on the third floor…so I guess I got a good workout while I was there. 

There was also A LOT of wildlife around since the grounds are surrounded by a nature trail, which is slightly frightening. I kept seeing this peacock over and over again that tended to make an appearance as soon as the sun began to set. Oh yeah…and one time as I walking back to Yarra I could hear a snake, which could’ve easily killed me with its poisonous venom.

Needless to say, I could not wait until I moved to the Village!

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White Night Melbourne

Posted on Thu, May 21, 2015 @ 12:45 PM

by Nicole Porras

White_Night_Melbourne_1aWhite Night Melbourne recently took place and ran from dusk until dawn, 7 pm to 7 am. It was a night to celebrate food, art, music, and most importantly, LIGHT!

A couple of friends and I walked into the “city” of Melbourne since the trams weren’t running due to the anticipated crowds. They were right to do so because there were in fact tons of people, food trucks, and street performers.

However, the most prominent of all things happening during this event was of course the light and illumination displays. I already knew that Melbourne was a place known for its art and culture, but after seeing the intricate light shows displayed on buildings across the city, I was absolutely blown away.

It must have taken a lot of time and talent to create these displays. It was as if someone had painted murals on the buildings. The art was so realistic and intricate. On some buildings there were even light shows displaying pieces of work with inspirations from stories such as Alice in Wonderland, and Little Red Riding Hood.

My friends and I journeyed through the streets of Melbourne while enjoying some chips (french fries) and wandered down to the banks of the Yarra River where there were live musical performances. The city was filled with lights and music and I truly felt like I was at home as I overlooked my new skyline in the warm summer air.


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Classes at RMIT

Posted on Tue, May 19, 2015 @ 03:28 PM

by Alyxis Flaggs

RMIT_BuildingSince RMIT has a Fashion and Textile Merchandising major it was very clear-cut and easy when deciding classes, although I could have taken liberal art courses that do not necessarily pertain to fashion. Yet, I decided to take the same classes that I would take at LIM. I am currently enrolled in Business Finance, Business Ethics, Global Fashion Marketing, and Product Ranging.

The Fashion Merchandising program is considered a two-degree major and it’s located at the Brunswick campus, which is where all of the art courses are. Therefore my Global Fashion Marketing and Product Ranging courses started earlier and are at a different campus than my business courses. My fashion courses consist of about 30 people per class, and resemble LIM courses in a way, except there aren’t that many assignments.

For my Product Ranging class, which is equivalent to Product Development, there is a lecture and a tutorial. The lecture is an hour where the professor typically goes over a PowerPoint and then in the tutorial we implement what we learned into a project, which we work on for about three weeks. The lecture has approximately 60 students and we break into two separate classes for the tutorial so we can get more one-on-one attention. My Global Fashion Marketing course, which is equivalent to Global Markets is a three-hour class and is very similar to LIM. Every week there are readings and quizzes on the blackboard. 

On the other hand, there are my business courses. So far I really enjoy ethics. This class is three hours as well, but it never lasts for that long. In ethics we discuss the different theories and discuss amongst ourselves what we would do if we were in certain scenarios. Since this class is at night there are only about 15 people in the whole class, which is great because everyone feels a lot more comfortable and participates more.  

Lastly there is my Business Finance course, which is definitely my hardest course. It consists of a lecture that is an hour long and there are about over 100 students. It is extremely easy to get distracted by all the people in the class.

I noticed that throughout all of my classes the attendance varies. Sometimes the class would be completely full and then the next week half of the class will be missing. So overall the classes are very relaxed and they meet once a week.

Students refer to the professor by their first name, and attendance isn’t very important. I do regret taking Finance, because it is extremely challenging. Especially being in another country, there are so many distractions that sometimes I tend to forget that I am actually in Australia to go to Uni (the Australian word for College), but for the most part the workload is very similar and even lighter than LIM’s.

P.S… It’s kind of hard to get a picture of a class without looking like a creeper. So above is a picture I took walking back from Finance.

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LIM Students Hit Brighton Beach in Melbourne

Posted on Thu, May 14, 2015 @ 11:00 AM

by Ali Petherbridge

Students2015_Australia2The first weekend in Melbourne, Australia was hot.

I mean H-O-T hot.

So the only sensible thing to do was go to the beach. Two fellow LIM College students, two more fellow Americans, and one of my Australian roommates and I ventured to Brighton Beach. Brighton Beach is about 30 minutes outside Melbourne, so we hopped on the train and made our way.

The temperature averaged about 105 degrees Fahrenheit, a bit of a change from the -20 degrees we left behind in America. We spent the day lounging in the sun, wading in the ocean, and discussing how we never wanted to leave this beautiful country.

Brighton Beach is also famous for its line of colorfully painted bathhouses along a stretch of the beach. So cool and so Australian! 


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I love RMIT Village!

Posted on Tue, May 12, 2015 @ 01:59 PM

by Nicole Porras

I am absolutely in love with RMIT Village. It was once an old hotel and it was renovated to accommodate students mostly from RMIT University and the University of Melbourne. I have always been a commuter student, so it is so nice to dive into the whole dorm experience while at Uni. (This is what Aussies call college.) Except RMIT Village is even cooler, because they have an outdoor pool, a game room, gym, and almost every room has a balcony view of the courtyard. (See the photo below!) Each room also has its own kitchen area and bathroom which I know is very hard to find in the dorms back in the United States.

Here at RMIT village they have something called O-week and this years theme is OChella (a play on the words Orientation and Coachella). Its a week full of activities for those living in the dorm to participate in. So far weve had activities like the Welcome BBQ, Gender Bender Speed Dating, an outing to the local pub called Turf, the Twilight Market and a Drum Circle. It has been quite the adventure so far and there are still many more activities left in the week such as the Scribble Party at Eden (a nightclub in Melbourne), OChella-lympics at St. Kilda Beach, a College movie marathon and much more. 

I love that the community that exists within RMIT Village and the O-Week activities are such a great way to meet new people and feel welcome. Im so glad I made the decision to live here. I can already tell that its going to be very hard to leave this beautiful place.


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What to Pack When Studying Abroad

Posted on Fri, May 01, 2015 @ 12:33 PM

by Alyxis Flaggs

How exactly does one pack for six months and make it fit in two suitcase? Oh, yeah…Melbourne is known for having four seasons in a day as well. So now I need clothes and shoes for all seasons to fit into two suitcases that aren’t very big.  Being a fashion student I have way too many clothes and think that I need to pack them all, but that was clearly impossible to do.

I started preparing for Australia about two weeks before my flight, just to make sure I had anything and everything I needed. Clothes were the first task especially since that was going to be the hardest. I literally went drawer-by-drawer and picked out everything I “needed”, and then I went to my closet and just started grabbing everything I thought I “had to have.”

After I realized that I would need room for shoes and other things such as toiletries I then had to make the final cuts of clothes and shoes. I literally laid everything out in my bedroom and chose what I really needed. I did this process about five times until I could actually fit everything I needed into my suitcases.  

Once I was all packed, I was ready for take off. My total travel time was 27 hours including layovers. The first stop was Los Angeles from Detroit. After LAX I was off to Sydney then finally Melbourne.

Surprisingly my flight wasn’t too bad especially since I flew alone. I wasn’t emotional at all. I was actually pretty calm the whole time. This changed immediately once I got to my temporary accommodation.

For some reason my emotions took over and I just started crying. I was overwhelmed and it finally set in that I was literally across the world all by myself. The other LIM students would arrive two weeks after to me so I was forced to make friends.

Although I was emotionally overwhelmed I forced myself to be adventurous and explore the city. I decided to do a hop-off, hop-on sightseeing tour through Melbourne. Which was a great decision, because not only was I able to see Melbourne, but it also forced me to stay awake and help me adjust to the 16-hour time difference.

Below are some images from the tour.

Flinders_Street_Station_300_199 Luna_Park_300_199

Flinders Street Station:
An historic and still functioning railway station.

Luna Park:
An amusement park in St. Kilda, similar to Coney Island in Brooklyn.

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The Journey to Australia

Posted on Fri, Apr 17, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

by Nicole Porras


...And We’re Off!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a plane and I completely forgot how much I love to fly. I was a bit anxious at first, especially since the weather was kind of bad. The last thing I wanted was for my almost 24 hours of traveling to be extended because of bad weather. It’s especially nice to have Ali (a fellow LIM’er and friend) here with me for the ride. It definitely makes traveling a lot more fun and less stressful. 

As I write this, we are flying somewhere over St. Louis, and although I want to sleep very badly, I know I have to stay up. The reason I want to stay up is because in Australia it’s still in the afternoon there, and I need to try and sleep according to their time schedule or else, I am going to crash at about 10 am when I arrive in Melbourne. 

It is definitely very exciting, and I can’t wait to see Melbourne and be surrounded by a whole new culture and lifestyle. 

So, for those of you reading this, let me answer a question many before you have already asked. Why Australia? Well…my very first volunteer opportunity at LIM was helping backstage for Fashion Pallete NYC. It was a fashion show that featured Australian-based fashion designers and I was surrounded by beautiful accents and people all day long. It was on that day that I truly fell in love with Australians. So you can imagine how pleased I was to discover that LIM offered a study abroad program in Australia.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Melbourne. Apparently it’s one of the most livable cities in the world. I can’t wait to keep you guys posted on my adventures! More details about my journey, coming soon! 

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The Land Down Under…or Across the World

Posted on Fri, Apr 10, 2015 @ 01:24 PM

By Ali Petherbridge

Since I thought about going to college I knew I wanted to study abroad. The question was always, where would I go? I had the privilege of visiting London and Paris on a family vacation in high school and found both places to be fascinating. I could have gone there, but I chose the furthest place from home…Australia.

There were many reasons why I chose Australia. The distance was never a factor for me, except that I would probably never get a chance to get to this magnificent country if I didn't study abroad here. My mother always talked about wanting to visit Australia, and since she never got the chance, when it came time to decide on my study abroad destination I knew where I wanted to be. The weather, the accents, the culture, everything about this country (and continent) sparked my interest. I knew it was a place I needed to live in to get the full experience and never second-guessed my decision. Even now, as I sit in a Starbucks in Melbourne writing this, I have absolutely zero regrets.

My decision about where to go was easy and clear-cut with no blurred edges. That’s not always the case for people studying abroad. My advice would be go with your heart and no matter where you end up, it will be the time of your life if you let it.


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Why I Chose to Study in Australia

Posted on Thu, Apr 09, 2015 @ 11:00 AM

By Alyxis Flaggs

My name is Alyxis Flaggs and I’m from Michigan. I am a junior at LIM College majoring in Fashion Merchandising with a concentration in Styling. However, currently I’m studying at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). I knew that I always wanted to study abroad, but I never thought that I would be studying in Australia. After learning French for three years I was set on studying in Paris, but I had a change of heart. 

Initially I was torn between studying in London, Paris and Australia. I then spoke to my academic advisor who put me in contact with a student studying at LIM that was from RMIT (Australia). We spoke for hours about the University and Australian culture, which clarified many of my questions about RMIT. After talking to him I fell in love with Australian culture and the University. Out of all the continents to study in, Australia is the only continent I hadn’t traveled to. Although it is very far from the U.S., I thought that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and would be a life changing experience.

I’ve always enjoyed traveling and meeting new people. Previously, I studied abroad in China for a short period of time and loved it! I enjoy the thrill of living and adapting to different cultures and environments. Studying in China and New York City has definitely prepared me to not only be independent, but also to be very responsible. Besides getting me ready, these experiences also made my parents, as well as myself comfortable with studying in another country for six months. My parents always say, “If you can make in New York City you can make it anywhere,” which I definitely believe.


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