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Orientation Week: It's All About Balance

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Boy oh boy, did we have a blast this past week. REMIT Village (the dorms we're living in) had its Orientation this week. Monday through Friday was filled with great events and programs. Most of the events were dedicated to ensuring that we had a solid understanding of the city -- and a lot of free food. Australia is known for its BBQ and we enjoyed it!

"O" Week was also an amazing chance for us to meet the other residents of the Village. So much in such little time. We were able to mingle with some locals and also some other international students! My favorite part of O Week (I'm sure it's everyone's favorite part too) is the party that is held at the end of the week. Everyone had such a great time. It is hard to put it in words. I really appreciate how here in Australia they do not try to steer students away from partying, but in a way show them how to embrace and control it.

RMIT shows you that a social life is important, but you must understand balance. A lot of schools in the States are not prone to promoting partying, but I believe that causes the students to party even more. Maybe Aussie schools have something to teach us?

I also started class this week. Their class structure is completely different than ours. You first attend a lecture (two hours) and then you attend a tutorial (one hour). The tutorial is more like the class structure that we are used too. The structure is different, but not hard at all.

Next week I will have some amazing things to share. Rita and Caroline (students from LIM College) are going camping with a class and I'm sure they will return with great stories. Also, over the weekend I am going home with one of my new Aussie mates! It is sure to be an experience to really live like an Aussie for the weekend! staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images australia market resized 600
And check out this photo from the market. We buy most of our food there fresh!

P.S. Jen would like to know why they do not have sprinkles for ice cream here. Maybe we will find some!

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