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Return to Torquay: School and the Pool

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I need to make a correction to last week's blog entry. I misspelled Torquay (this is the correct way). I believe that Google has multiple spellings of it.

This past week was a very relaxed one. I decided to focus on school and going to the pool. Oh, do I live a beautiful life here in Melbourne?

Classes are very different here than back home. It has taken me some time to get use to the change. The pace is slower, but the student must be very independent in the learning process. There are many professionals in my classes furthering their education. Some of the younger students find this to be uncomfortable, but I'm sure it is a good thing. There is much to learn for individuals who are currently working in the field. It is a great opportunity to learn things that can not be taught in the classroom.

Now to the pool! At the dorm that I am staying at there is a heated pool. It is wonderful and the weather has been great for swimming. I try to swim every day to get my workout in. Soon I will not be able to do that because the weather is changing and becoming cold.

I also went to the movies here for the first time. The Aussie lifestyle is not big on movies like we are back in the States. It was really nice to get a taste of home for the evening.

We had a long weekend. Rita and I traveled to Turqauy beach for some much-needed beach time! That place is beautiful and like no other! The weather is beautiful and life is too!

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