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A Birthday in Melbourne, Then Sydney in May

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Well, this week was cold and fun here in Melbourne. I never imagined that I would be in Australia and need my mother to send my boots! (Thank you so much Mom for sending them. They are being put to great use.) It is officially fall here. Time even changed! Thank the heavens for an extra hour of sleep!

We booked Sydney this week! We were able to get a round trip for $75! Pretty amazing! I'm way too excited. The trip is in May so stay tuned for the photos. There are so many things to see in Sydney. I'm currently waiting on a reply from my mom about Fiji! Going to Fiji would top this amazing experience off perfectly. It would be amazing to escape the cold weather and lie on the beach once again!

Also this week was Jen's birthday! We had such a great time. She is so lucky to have her birthday here. Her birthday was celebrated for the entire weekend. On Friday we had Mexican food. It was very delicious! Then on Saturday we took her out to a local spot. So much fun was had! Since we had so much fun we have decided to celebrate everyone's birthday here! That is sure to bring a lot of stories and fun.

I'm finally used to school here. It is very different, but easy to catch on to. Had my first couple of test and assignments due. I was able to get all A's and B's on them. I'm very happy about that. Making good grades here gives me an extra boost of confidence.

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