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No Worries Mate!

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Time is moving so fast here. I can not believe that I am already on my ninth week. So many things have changed for me, but I do not believe I will truly notice the change in me until I return to the States. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images coffee resized 600
This past week I went on a major detox. Just water, coffee, fruits, veggies, and green tea. I feel totally and completely rejuvenated. Sometimes being a student can really catch up with you! No more late night Mac attacks! It also helps that here in Australia it is illegal to put additives into food. My body is actually able to truly release itself from the toxins.

I've discovered that not only have I released physical toxins, but also behavioral ones. Before coming here I was a worrier of all worries. Everything was something that I needed to over-think. I always had to worry about the negative of a situation. The main thing that Aussies teach you is " No Worries Mate!" Now, that does not mean not to care, but just to understand that you can not control everything. Also, that even if something bad happens you will survive it. If you don't survive? Well mate, it was meant to happen that way! I love it... I feel free from all the unnecessary stress I had once put on myself. I'm truly loving my Aussie life!

Great plans coming soon! We have booked trips to the Gold Coast and Sydney, one right after the other. There will surely be LOTS of pictures and much to share. It's currently getting cold here in Melbourne, but don't worry, up north is lovely and warm. Beautiful clean beaches filled with great Aussie people!

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