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Egypt in Australia

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Well this past week we had our fall break. (It is so very weird to repeat fall over again in one school year!) I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather in the States, as it gets pretty cold here. It is sad when you think 57 degrees is cold! Ha! That is nothing back home. For some odd reason though, it feels terribly cold here! staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures EgyptinAustralia resized 600
Three of the other LIM College girls went on a trip of the east coast of Australia. Hopefully, when they return in the next couple of days they will have plenty of photos to share. I kept myself occupied in Melbourne during the break. I had a great time. It was amazing to take a break from class. (I returned today.) The break dates were pretty different than what I am used to. We started the break on a Thursday and returned to school on a Thursday. So the break was right in the middle of a week. Very different I say!

While I was here I had an amazing Italian night here in the dorms! Benedetta is an Italian friend that I met here in Melbourne and she had a pasta night. She invited other Italians that she has met here in Melbourne. Though I didn't understand most of the things they were speaking of, it was an amazing experience. The pasta was soooooo good. I almost died from happiness. Also, everyone was so nice and fun. Italians have a very keen sense of humor. I was laughing the entire time!

Yesterday I went with a group of friends to the King Tutankhamun exhibit here in Melbourne. It was truly magical. I'm a huge fan of ancient Egypt and it was such a pleasure to see all the artifacts. Everything was so beautiful. So much craftsmanship. Every piece seems to have its own personal powerful story to tell....

Well, next week has great things in store! GOLD COAST! We will be at Surfers Paradise!

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