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Beijing - Day One

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Our first tour guide was James. He stayed with us throughout our time in Beijing.  First, he took us to the Forbidden City and it was amazing. The colors were mainly red, gold, and blue. What I found interesting were the animals at the end of the roof: the more animals a roof had showed the building's level of importance and protection.

After seeing the beautiful Forbidden City, we all made our way to a tea ceremony. At the tea ceremony, we tasted many different teas and everyone bought tons of tea at the end! 

After the tea ceremony, the whole group went on a rickshaw! The rickshaw took us around where we saw the “real life” of a village. It was very different from being in the city. The houses were much smaller and family owned. 

In the Hutong area, the whole group had lunch. It was family style and there were tons of vegetable dishes along with Kung Pao Chicken and a few other meat dishes. 

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