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Day 2: Summer Palace, Pearl Factory, Art District (and toilets)

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The Summer Palace is absolutely beautiful. The pictures do not do justice to the magnificent colors. If you are ever visiting China, I would definitely recommend this place. It is stunning to just see the artwork on the buildings, the way the buildings are shaped, and just to be present there.

After going to the Summer Palace, we took a trip down to the Pearl Factory. We saw a video on how they catch the oysters and retrieve the pearls. They also taughts us how to tell if a pearl is fake or real. One of the girls from the group was able to get an oyster with a net from the tank. When it was opened there were about 15 baby pearls with one for each of us to take home (free!!). They were pink and oddly formed, but it’s a great keepsake!

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The toilets in China are very different from American toilets. They are like a stall on the ground that you have to squat on. Some of them do not have toilet paper in them, so it is handy to be prepared. Soap in the bathrooms is rare as well, but, carrying antibacterial gel with you everywhere will do the trick!

We also visited the Art District in Beijing. There were so many different statues on the street and many shops there as well.

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