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Visiting Factories in Shanghai

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The flight to Shanghai was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was roughly around two hours but it felt like half an hour. I slept most of the way and when I woke up and we were already landing! 

We have a new tour guide. His name is Thomas. He toured us throughout the beautiful city of Shanghai! We visited two factories today. We went to the Embroidery Institute and GTL. The Embroidery Institute was really interesting because they had machinery that did the work with people, and some without people. We saw people making t-shirts with logos on them, and they were made by hand and the machine just dried the design on the t-shirts.
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GTL was really cool to see because it was very modern and high-tech. One of the graduate students at LIM College currently works there and gave us the tour of the company! She showed us where the clients would meet with the company and how they would design the room to suit each and every client. She showed us the fabric library, and other fascinating rooms. We were not allowed to take pictures at GTL, unfortunately. 

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