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Cross Cultural Analysis 2017: Ciao da parte di Firenze!

posted by Diamanté Logan


Hello From Florence, Italy!

How much can you do four days in Florence? Well, I must say that the CCA Program had a lot planned for us along with out personal ideas as well. After landing, on the first official day on this beautiful Tuscan air, the all of the students of the   CCA Program decided to take it upon themselves to go see the infamous Leaning Tower of Pisa!

We woke up early and took a early train out into the country side. Only taking about 48 minutes, we ended up in a another little city, some experiencing their first cappuccino and hot chocolates abroad!

While that was keeping us warm, we eventually ended up at the landmark taking photos and experiencing what we have
only seen on Instagram and television.

AFerragamo_Jumpsuit.jpgnother great experience were the industry visits within Florence! One of the visits included the Ferragamo Museum. Thinking that we were just looking at an exhibition of shoes, I must say that it totally caught us off guard. With a mix of various shoes made throughout different times, there were also inspirations of clothing designers, mood boards, and fashion shows that have all influenced Ferragamo as well as showing his limitless taste within the art and fashion realms.

Another visit was the Leather School of Florence. This school is known all over the world for being one of the oldest as well as the number one leather school in Italy,known for creating artisans.

Gucci-1.jpgGucci was definitely a highlight for me. We were able to see how a shoe was created from scratch from beginning to end. Being that were looking at products being made for the upcoming Fall 2017 season, we could not take any photos inside but the warm welcoming and detail of the brand and the heritage still lives on. Not to mention that I visited the Gucci Café!

There was so much more that we did in Florence that I could talk about for days! But don’t forget we had another destinations during our 10 day journey! Check out my next blog post for our experience in Rome!

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