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Food & Friends in London

posted by Paige Benjamin

Paige_London 1.jpgWhen I first realized that studying abroad was an option at LIM College, I immediately knew that I wanted to apply to go to London. I’ve always been fascinated by the city, but never had a chance to visit. I liked the idea that the people still spoke English, so even though I was living thousands of miles away from home, there wouldn’t be a language barrier.

Exploring London over the past four months has been a lot of fun, and luckily there hasn’t been any bad weather at all. London is notorious for its cloudy, grey skies, but you get used to them pretty quick. I go to school at University for the Creative Arts in Epsom, but I live in Central London. The commute is about an hour and a half to and from school. While at first this commute was a hassle, I’m now grateful for it because I get to experience both the countryside and the city. There’s a lot of things I’ve learned over the past few months in London, but here’s just a few.Paige_London 2.jpg

London Food Hacks

1. Tesco Meal Deals

Food in the U.K. is expensive, but one of their major grocery stores, Tesco, offer meal deals for three pounds. A meal deal means that you can get a pasta, wrap, or salad, a snack, and a drink for only three pounds. Trust me, meal deals are life savers between classes and just in general when you’re short on money.


2. Pizza Union

Next to King’s Cross in Central London, there are a few different food places to choose from. However, a few blocks down from the station past Nando’s and Five Guys, is Pizza Union. Pizza Union is almost almost as cheap as a meal deal from Tesco, with their cheapest pizza being 3.95 Pounds for a 12” Margarita.

3. The Canteen

If you’re actually going to school at UCA, you’ll have access to the school cafeteria, which students refer to as The Canteen. Food here is pretty cheap, offering full meals for around 4 pounds.

Free Activities to do with Friends

Paige_London 3.jpg

1. Picnic in Hyde Park

If the weather is nice enough, grab to Hyde Park with a few friends and have a picnic by the lake! I’ve done this a few times this semester, and it’s a great way to spend a day. After you’re done at Hyde Park, you’re just a short walk away from Oxford Street, so you can hit Topshop, Primark, and more on your way back home.

2. Winter Wonderland

Obviously London does get cold, but the best thing about winter time in London is Winter Wonderland. I’m not big on fairs, but Winter Wonderland is different. They have tons of different food vendors, ice skating, and a great selection of rides. Even if you don’t have money to spend on rides or food, it’s fun to just walk around with friends.

If you ever find yourself in London, you’ve gotta trust me on Winter Wonderland and Pizza Union. Plus, you can grab that Platform 9 ¾ picture at Kings Cross on your way to pizza!