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Packing Tips

posted by Allison Tracey

Picture1-1.jpgIf you tend to over-pack like me, you end up bringing enough clothes, shoes and accessories for a week-long vacation to last an entire month, right?Well you can only imagine how challenging it was to pack for a four-and-a-half-month study abroad semester in only two suitcases and a carry on.Here’s my list of helpful packing tips for you to keep in mind when preparing to study abroad for a semester.

1. Try to fully pack both of your suitcases, your carry on and your purse about five to seven days before you leave.

     Pick out a few outfits for the week before your trip that can easily go back in your suitcase or wear the clothes that you are leaving home.

  •      Once you pack your things, it leaves you with the remaining time home feeling relaxed and stress free giving you more time to have fun before flying out.


Picture3.jpg2. Lay out everything you want to bring with you on your bed.

  •      Start with laying out what you need to wear for most of the semester. Example: If you are traveling to London for the spring semester, make sure to take out your jeans, sweaters, coats, etc. On the other hand, if you are going to Australia during the spring semester, pack clothes for warm weather.
  •      Once you pack your day-to-day items, start taking your travel clothes out of the dresser and closet and lay them out on the bed too. Everyone wants to go to as many countries as they can during their semester abroad so make sure to be prepared.

Picture2.jpg3. If you find that you took out too much stuff, now that you see everything laid out, take away some of the things you haven’t worn in a long time because you most likely will not wear them abroad either.

4. Bring some items that feel “homey” to you so once you get to your room abroad, it will feel more comfortable. Some examples of “homey” things include…

  •      A comfy blanket
  •      Pictures/Picture frames
  •      Small end table accessories (Example: Flameless candles)
  •      Specific name brand products you love (Example: Hand cream/perfume)


Picture4.jpgNow that you’ve covered the necessities, the travel clothes, and the “homey” products, it’s time to get packing! Make sure to roll your clothes so that you can fit more in your suitcases and don’t forget to check the regulations and weight requirements for each suitcase. Good luck and safe travels!

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