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10 Desk Accessories for Anyone Obsessed with the Fashion Business

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Fashion informs basically all areas of commerce, from the labels on your water bottle to the cup that holds your pencils.  

That’s right. The stuff on your desk? That’s fashion. So if you’re studying fashion, it’s best to surround yourself with great design. Here are 10 hot (haute?) desk accessories we’re loving for max productivity in 2018. 

1. A Geo Wire Wall Grid (Urban Outfitters)

Cleaner and better organized than a cork board, this copper grid keeps your important papers, pictures and affirmations neat and pretty. u

2. Marble Stapler (with Gold Staples) (Etsy) 

Presentation is everything. Your professors will notice!

3. Otter Tape Dispenser (ModCloth)

Hey, you gotta dispense that tape. Might as well have something smart to dispense it from.

4. Pastel Highlighter Set (Kate Spade)

For highlighting of a different color.

5. Potted Cactus Eraser Set (Urban Outfitters)

Even if you never use them, they’re totally adorable and just begging to be fidgeted with when you’re deep into a brainstorming sesh. 

6. Air plants (Etsy)

These low-maintenance oxygen-givers are sweet and perfectly desk-sized.

7. Jot it Going On Notebooks (ModCloth)

For writing things down—with a little attitude and a lot of devotion to shoes. 

8. Unicorn Neon Light (Francesca’s)

Its function is to look good. Very good.

9. Modern Weave Storage Bin (West Elm)

Keep your assignments organized without sacrificing style.

10. Rose Scissors (Anthropologie) 

These will last you a lifetime—or at least well into 2019. 

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