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Ten More Signs You Belong in the Business of Fashion (Part 2)

posted by Michael Londrigan, Vice President for Academic Affairs.


You've been a personal stylist to most of your friends for years. Your Instagram feed is all fashion and design. You're obsessed with textiles and fabrics. So, are you a good candidate for the business of fashion? You may have already nodded your head at all of these. But if you're still not sure if this industry is the thing for you, here are 10 more signs that you and LIM are MFEO. 

… Admit it. You were rooting for Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada.

 … You roll your eyes whenever someone says “Yeah, but who would wear that?” during NYFW.

 … Your BFFs are Tom and Lorenzo

 ... And you feel a little bit like Tavi Gevinson has been stealing your ideas.

… You may or may not have spent hours in a Wiki vortex on the Byzantine fashion era.  

 … You actually loved your after-school job at H&M and they’ve asked you to come back next summer as a shift manager.

… You see holes in the marketplace and you’re dying to fill them.

… Like Tom Haverford, you have a huge obsession with colognes and fragrances. Actually … you have a lot in common with Tom.

… Your Pinterest boards are full of eco-fashion design. You know fashion is also a social issue, and you want to make real change.

… You’re fascinated by luxury brands — how they got to be so in demand, what’s behind mass-market luxury, and how those brands are managed.

 … In fact, you know in your heart that you’re business-driven and creative, and there’s no better way of combining those two passions than with fashion.

Does this sound like you? Then we have good news for you: You're going to love it here at LIM. 


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