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Three Trends in the Business of Fashion to Watch out for This Summer

posted by Michael Londrigan, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

So you probably know about Millennial Pink, and that head-to-toe florals are kind of a thing right now. That’s what’s happening in fashion, but what about what’s trendy in the fashion business

fashion trends.jpg

Just like fashion trends come and go, so do business trends. Here’s a few to keep an eye on this summer. 

  1. Virtual Reality shopping is here. Imagine being completely immersed in New York Fashion Week, and being able to buy anything you see with just a nod of your head. 

  1. Dividing shoppers by values, not age. The two biggest-growing segments of the population are millennials and the elderly/retired. To market to all people over 65 and all people under 35, at the same time, is ineffective. But segmenting out customers who are motivated by price, or by brand, or by self-expression, or by organic manufacturing processes, will help clothing companies find success with the right kinds of consumers—regardless of age. 

  1. “Wellness” wear. People today are more interested in self-improvement and -betterment than they ever have been before. And when Beyonce comes out with an athleticwear line, you know it’s a booming industry. Not to mention, the plus-size fitnesswear revolution is upon us. (Talk to Nike about that.) It’s big and only getting bigger. 

At LIM, you’ll learn all about these constantly shifting trends—and what opportunities for business and innovation exist within them—so you can slay out there in the fashion-business world. 


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