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Four LIM College Fashionistas We Love

posted by Kristina Ortiz, Dean of Admissions

We’re proud of our LIM students who are out in the world talking fashion and business (and the fashion business). Lately, several students have been writing for the College Fashionista blog, talking about their passions, tastes, and style. Here are a few of our favorite looks. (Photos courtesy the College Fashionista.)

Chelsea Smedley

“My toughest style question is if I should wear all black for that day. I believe black can be worn at any time. Minimal dressing, black denim, leather, gold jewelry, and gray for a pop of color summarize my usual everyday style.”

Rachel Rusian

“This Fashionista just got done running some errands and was on her way to class in this outfit. She was running around all day feeling relaxed and cozy in her oversized sweater, but still confident that she was not sacrificing any style for her comfort.”






Rachel Rusian

“I’m originally from South Florida where seasons don’t really exist—it’s mostly hot all year around. Moving to New York has been so exciting because I can finally experience the seasons and dress accordingly! For this look, I finally bought into the lace-up sweater trend. I will admit that I’m late to this trend, so I made sure to put my own twist on it.”






Kristal Logan

“Being in a blazer and suit all day is not considered fashion forward anymore. Now, it’s all about comfort yet still looking fashionable. Sometimes this can be difficult however my Fashionista said that the key to doing this right is to feel comfortable in what your wearing and remember that it’s only clothes!”





As you can see, our students are both business and fashion savvy. Does this sound like you, too? Let us know! 


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