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4 Tips for Job Hunting During COVID-19

posted by Christina Bechtel

While I’ve been anticipating graduating since my freshman year, now that I’m a senior, I find myself wishing for more time! This is a crazy time in general, and an even crazier one to try and find entry-level positions. Working in PR myself, I’ve seen people get furloughed, had offers rescinded, and face a lot of uncertainty around how and where the industry will pivot. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have been hired at my Senior Co-op position at TULA Skincare, so I talked with my supervisors, my industry mentors, and looked back on my own experience to find some of the best routes of action that y’all can take during this time:

  • 1. Update your LinkedIn

It seems obvious, but make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. It’s one of the first places employers look when reviewing your application. Make sure all your relevant experience is entered and reflects past work like writing samples, creative portfolios. 

Christina LinkedIn
I also recommend changing your LinkedIn status to “Looking for new opportunities.” This lets employers, recruiters, and connections know you are actively looking for a position and can serve as an opening point.

  • 2. Reach out to connections

Remember you’re not alone! You have, hopefully, been networking and making connections the entire time while you’ve been at LIM—now is the time to utilize them. Grab coffee (virtually) with a mentor; get a reference from an old supervisor; the options are there for you. The more you make it known that you’re looking for a position, the more likely it is you’ll hear about something through your network.

  • 3. Email companies that are hiring / search job postings

Even though it might feel like no one is hiring, that is definitely not the case. Search LinkedIn, Symplicity, and other job posting sites for active open roles—they’re there I promise! If a company you could see yourself working for has an open role not in your field, still email them. At least you know they are open to hiring and could tell you of any new, relevant opportunities. 

  • 4. Stay positive 

This last one is the most important! Staying positive and hopeful is the best thing you can do for yourself during this time. Getting your dream job right after graduating doesn’t always happen, and that’s okay.

Don’t let the stress of COVID-19, graduating, and everything else affect your job hunt. 

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