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Five Benefits Of Taking College-Level Courses In High School

posted by Kristina Ortiz, Dean of Admissions

Eager to get a jumpstart on your college career? There's no better way than to start taking college-level courses in high school or enrolling in a college's summer or weekend program specifically for high school students. Not only does it show admissions teams you're motivated and serious about school, but it also gives you more advantages than you think. Here are five reasons why we think you should consider doing so.


1. You'll learn essential college skills. Once you're in college, you'll quickly learn that classes are a bit different than high school. Coursework is definitely more challenging and time-consuming, and on top of studying, you'll be adjusting to a brand new place. Exciting, yes—but it's good to be prepared! Whether you're taking college-level courses in high school or during the summer, you'll develop invaluable time management and study skills that'll make your transition into college life much easier.

2. You could graduate sooner. While each college differs on what college credits it accepts, you might not have to retake certain courses, which could help you graduate earlier (if that's something you want to do). Graduating sooner gives you the opportunity to take on another internship, or get a head start on your career—not to mention, you'll stop paying tuition sooner.

3. It frees up more time in college to study abroad. Immersing yourself in a foreign culture, learning a different language—the benefits to studying abroad are endless. Yet sometimes finding the time to fit a semester abroad into your academic schedule can be difficult. By potentially getting some core classes out of the way (if your college credits are accepted), you may find it easier to pack your bags and travel. If you're looking to study at LIM, check out our study abroad opportunities here; our students have traveled to places like Australia, Italy, and China.

4. You can test drive your passion. Already itching to start developing expert skills for something you love? Look into different programs you can take as a high school student at a college dedicated to your passion. In addition to honing those skills, you'll also discover if you really do want to turn your passion into a career path. At LIM, for example, our Summer Fashion Lab and Saturday Fashion Lab pre-college programs are designed for high school students who are interested in studying fashion—and getting a taste of life in New York City.

5. And, of course, it looks great on your application. Nothing looks better to the admissions team than a student who can prove they've already been preparing for that big next step by taking college-level courses. It shows that perhaps you're among the most competitive from your high school and you're taking your future seriously. 

Interested in getting a closer look at LIM? Learn more about our Summer Fashion Lab and Saturday Fashion Lab pre-college programs today!


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