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Five killer things you’ll do in LIM’s Summer Fashion Lab

posted by Marissa Strong, Pre-College Programs Coordinator

Forget summer camp. It’s Summer Fashion Lab time. 

Every year at LIM, we host high school students from all over the world who are interested in the business of fashion. At our Summer Fashion Lab, you’ll get to live in New York City, take college classes, and make new friends who are passionate about the same things you are.

If you sign up now, here are five things you’ll accomplish and experience this summer:

You’ll get to test-drive the college experience. Live like an LIM student eat at the cafes and delis they eat at, sleep in the dorms and work on projects just as though you were enrolled. 

  1. Learn how to navigate New York City. That’s a special skill for anyone, and you’ll be surprised at how much knowing what’s uptown and what’s downtown will change your life. 

  2. Earn college credit! Get a jump-start on your college career and earn credits for the courses you’re taking. More into relaxing? You can take them just for fun, too.

  3. Visit Mood, the fabric and supply store featured in Project Runway.” In fact, the whole garment district is amazing. You’re going to love it.

  4. Study with professors who love the business of fashion. And guess what? They love teaching it, too.

That’s seriously just the beginning. Our Summer Fashion Lab students rave about our programnot only will you learn a TON about the business side of fashion; you’ll also get a good taste of what being a college student in NYC is like and feel better prepared for your future in fashion!


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