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A Commuters Guide to Life at LIM College

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by Natalie Sanandaji

As a commuter for two years and counting, I know that it can be tough to really feel like part of the LIM community when you are constantly on the run. You don't really get a chance to stop and smell the roses when you are commuting back and forth from Manhattan to (insert your hometown here).

In my case I take the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) back and forth everyday. It takes me about 40 minutes to get to Manhattan and another 20 minutes to get to the LIM buildings from the train station.

When I first started college as a freshman I wasted a lot of time while on the train. But after adding up the amount of hours I would be spending traveling each semester, I realized that I needed to take advantage of this extra time.

Now when I'm on the train I either study, do homework or read up on fashion current events. I definitely recommend taking advantage of that extra time you have, rather than just scrolling aimlessly through Facebook. ;-)

Also, I know that as a commuting student you can feel a bit disconnected form the rest of the student population. Here's some advice on how to enhance your college experience here at LIM.

First things first, join clubs! Joining clubs allows you to interact with other students outside of the classroom. Just think of the possibilities! A friend you make can have an internship at a place that you would love to intern at. If you're a good fit your friend can recommend you to the position. That's just one of the possible scenarios.

Though college is obviously about learning, and in the case of LIM students working as well, a big part of college is also about making new connections. If you speak to your parents or teachers from Generation X you will realize that they always talk about their college years and that the friends they made in those short years of their life were the ones who stuck. Though college only takes up a short part of your life, it has a great impact on people.

So get out there, join clubs, and make lifelong friends.

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