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A Day in the Life of a Management Major

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By Krystal Baptiste

Living my life as a Management Major at LIM College is a rewarding experience. As a Management major, my days are filled with writing, chart development, and professional communication. The best part is that I’m developing a career that I love. My concentration is Fashion Publishing, which makes it even more exciting.

020515To many people, my life might sound boring and mundane. “Who wants to spend the rest of their life with writing and a bunch of charts?! Might as well become an accountant or an office manager. It’s the same thing.” Surprisingly, you would be wrong. But no matter what your major is, life is your future. You create your life.

My weekday tasks consist of the following: classes, work as a tutor in the writing center, write for my personal blog and LIM’s Marketing office, answer emails, homework, go home, repeat the next day. Yup! That is my life, and I enjoy it. On the weekends, I like to create YouTube videos, and I spend time writing down ideas for my next blog, and play video games or watch YouTube videos on gaming, because a girl needs a break away from school during the weekends.

I am a freelance beauty and lifestyle blogger at BeautyLifeGeek. It is my personal blog concentrating on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and geek culture. I also do a podcast for my blog. Being a Management major motivates me to strengthen my skills in the business industry. I have received great opportunities, participated in many LIM activities related to business and management, and met incredible people during my journey.

After LIM College, I want to work for magazines such as Seventeen, Vogue, Allure, or Teen Vogue. If that doesn’t work out, I want to continue to build and manage my own business as a blogger, or at least a writing tutor. I want to stay active and provide my knowledge to other people. With a Management degree under my belt, I am confident that my life will be sensational.

In retrospect, I have a pretty good life as a Management Major at LIM College. Sure, there are times when stuff becomes stressful and challenging, but I am surrounded by wonderful people who are always there to help me out, as well as give me advice on how to deal with any challenges that come up. With friends, family, and my loving boyfriend, my life will always be amazing. As a Management major, my life is even more awesome.   

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