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An Online Student’s Valuable Visit to NYC

posted by Mathew Schroeher

NYCNew York City is regarded as the fashion capital of the world, the concrete jungle, and the city that never sleeps. Destination: Fashion NYC is a unique LIM College program that gives online students a glimpse at the fashion world’s many moving parts. As a native New Yorker, my expectations tend to be set high, and Destination: Fashion NYC beyond exceeded any expectations I had.

Involving visits to corporate offices, retailers and museums throughout the city, Destination: Fashion NYC is packed full of experiences and information you can only get as a student of LIM. 

delisha fields (cropped)

One of the biggest highlights for me was visiting the Tommy Hilfiger corporate offices, where we got to experience how technology is moving the fashion industry in new directions and gain insight into a career that may interest you. Another highlight of the trip was the Career Conference held at Maxwell Hall. Hearing LIM alumna Delisha Fields speak about how she overcame challenges in her career and being able to speak one-on-one with her was a unique opportunity.

From the food, to the Broadway show we attended, to the educational benefits, LIM's Destination: Fashion NYC is an extremely well-rounded trip that gives you the best that NYC has to offer.

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