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Balancing School and Work

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by Alexis Lostritto Udell

LIM_CoffeeIt is almost hard to believe that another semester has snuck up on us. Whether you took in some rays, enrolled in classes or like myself; worked this summer, it is time to gear up for a new semester!

One of the most difficult things I find each semester is trying to balance work and school. I often ask myself: “Which should come first?” Or, “What’s more important...staying late to make some extra overtime money or studying for that big Ethics test tomorrow?”

Through countless internships and taking up to 19 credits at once, I have found new ways to balance work and school. I want to take the time to share them with everyone!

I find it is best to plan and write in your agenda on Sunday for the week to follow. When looking at your school work for the week, it is important to be able to identify items that are of the greatest priority and then others that can be done in a shorter amount of time.

When doing your planning, consider the hours that you will be at your internship or job. I have held multiple internships since beginning at LIM, all of which I have found to be demanding and requiring long hours, but welcome to the fashion industry!

Now, this is not to scare anyone. However, it takes an organized mind and good time management skills to get the job done and complete your school work. Here are some steps for you to follow in order to have an easier semester at school, while being able to keep your internship or job.


Get that Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade planner everyone has and some colorful new pens. (Who doesn’t love to take a trip to Staples?)


The first week of school is Syllabus Week, that means the professors will be handing out all deadlines and test dates from Day One to Finals Week! Grab your planner and write in every assignment, project, and test date for each class. Even if the professor changes a date, you’ll have it in your planner and will be able to plan ahead. 


Talk to the powers that be at where you work and see if there are any big events, promotions, photo shoots, projects or any other important dates that are coming up and what week they think the event(s) will take place. Put these dates into your schedule. This helps take the stress away when you have a Buying and Merchandising Math project to turn in the same week.

By comparing your school schedule to your work schedule and having it written down in front of you it is a great way to make sure your semester goes off without a hitch!

Good luck!

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