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Battling Against Procrastination

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by Rufina Yuspova

We’ve all been there…Scrambling to get our work done the night before an assignment is due, opening that online exam exactly two hours before it closes, trying to cram for a test at the last minute.

Do you ever wonder why we torture ourselves like that? All that happens is we end up twice as stressed, sleep deprived, and panicked. What an unproductive and unhealthy combination!

It all starts with thoughts like, “Well, it isn’t due until (insert date here)." Or, "I have time.” This is a favorite of mine. “I’ll just take a nap now and do it later.” Here's a good one! “I’ll wake up early tomorrow to finish.”

I’ve made the same mistakes over and over until I found several methods to keep myself focused. As fashion students with a large workload, internships or even an extra job on the side, we have more than enough to worry about. The least we can do is be kind to ourselves in times of stress and break those chains of procrastination! Here are some ways that have helped me fight off procrastinating!

The most important thing is that I’ve trained myself to stay off my phone and off social media while I’m working. Try leaving your phone in another room for an hour and close out of all those tabs on the computer. You’ll be surprised how much you could get done!

Sitting down at the beginning and at the end of every week to lay out a schedule for myself helps me tremendously. Whether it’s on a calendar, in a planner, or an electronic version, laying out my week roughly gives me an idea of what’s due when, what events I may have to attend, and what to expect of my days.

This further helps me see the free time I have left to study, do homework, or any school related tasks. Seeing a list of the assignments every week and their corresponding due dates helps me prioritize these tasks in a timely manner.

We seem to be unfamiliar with this concept, but it’s okay to start your work ahead of time! The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll finish. My goal is to finish the day before the assignment, etc., is due.

It may not always work out that way but it’s what I aim for. Often enough, I’ll have assignments out of the way before they’re due. Once they’re done, that’s automatically less to worry about!

To all the visual people out there, have fun with the organization! Use bright colors, decorate your planners, buy supplies that you’re drawn to visually. The more appealing it looks, the more likely you are to use it. 

Next time, think twice before you leave something until the last minute. I promise you’ll thank yourself when you’re well rested and far less stressed!

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