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Best Affordable Makeup

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By Analyse Frezzi

I'm the type of person who will save up my money then completely splurge on makeup. Seriously, I will pay $20 for an eyeliner without even thinking about it. Although I am a bit of a high-end makeup advocate, I still have my drugstore products that I cannot live without. Here are some affordable makeup staples that every college student on a budget should have!

1) Wet n' Wild® MegaLast Lipstick
This is my absolute favorite lipstick. It is my Holy Grail of lipsticks. This highly-pigmented, long-wearing lipstick has a velvety finish and also comes in a huge selection of shades, which includes nudes, neutrals, bold reds, and bright pinks. My favorite shade is Cherry Picking, a bold red. The best thing about this lipstick is that it's only $2.29! I highly recommend this lipstick to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive way to experiment with new colors. 






2) Maybelline Volum’® Express Falsies® Big Eyes® Waterproof Mascara

I absolutely swear by this mascara. The selling point is that it has two brushes and two formulas: one for the upper lashes and one for the bottom. I choose to use the waterproof version because it holds a curl better and is extremely long wearing. I use it in the shade “Very Black.” It also comes in a black-brown shade, black, and a new hue called “Rebel Black.” I love this mascara because it has a light formula that is great for my thin, wimpy lashes. It helps define and magnify my lashes without clumping. The mascara for the bottom lashes is also amazing. It lightly coats my lashes to accentuate them, and the brush is tiny so it gets every single lash. It initially has a very natural finish but you can easily achieve a dramatic look by layering the mascara. It costs  $10.95, which I think is a very good deal for such a great mascara.




3) Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Creamliner

So I got this product when I first started wearing makeup on a daily basis and wanted to try a winged liner. Upon my first use I was impressed. The liners come in a set of three with a brush and the set I use has black, brown, and purple liners. These liners are highly pigmented and long wearing. They apply smoothly and don’t smear too much and the brush helps create crisp, clean lines. The liners cost $10.95, which I think is pretty good for everything you get!




4) Revlon Colorburst™ Lip Butter

These things are great! They have a sheer-to-medium coverage and are very moisturizing. This brand is also good for anyone who is looking for a more natural lipstick, or someone who wants to ease themselves into using bolder colors. The lipsticks come in a very large range of colors, most being nude or pink-toned. My favorite bold color is Lollipop, which is a bright blue toned fuchsia with silver glitter. Cotton Candy is my favorite neutral and is a baby pink with a gold shimmer. These lipsticks are sold for $8.99 and you can find them at almost any drugstore.




5) Coastal Scents® 10 Blush Palette

I found out about this brand from one of my favorite YouTubers, Michelle Phan. I was intrigued since all their products seemed very good and were priced affordably, so I decided to go on their website and order some things. I was absolutely blown away by how amazing the 10 blush palette is. The name says it all. You get 10 blushes and the palette includes matte and shimmery finish blushes in shades ranging from pinks to corals to more natural tones. All of the shades are very pigmented, so it is best to use a light hand while applying. They all are long lasting and worth every penny. The only place to get this product is on the Coastal Scents website. It regularly retails for $17.95, but it is usually on sale for less.




BONUS! Pond’s® Cold Cream Cleanser

After a long day, you’re going to want a makeup remover that can take every bit of makeup off. This remover is gentle and really removes all the makeup leaving no residue behind. To use it, take a small amount and gently rub it into the skin. Use a tissue or a cotton pad to remove the makeup and the cleanser. You can find it in almost any drugstore. It is $9.49 for 9.5 oz., so it should last a long time!




I hope you found this helpful and I’m looking forward to writing more posts like this! :)  

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