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Top 10 Lists: What to Bring When You Move into LIM's Residence Hall

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by Nicole Porras (Class of 2016)

Are you planning to live in LIM College's residence hall?  If you are, here's some first-hand advice on what to bring with you when you move in.

LIM College dorm room

I asked Erin and Adrienne, two current residents, to name 10 things all new residents should bring with them to the 1760 Residence Hall and here is what they said...

Erin C.
1. Sleepmask (blocks out city lights)

2. Powerstrip / extra-long chargers
3. Thin hangers
4. Storage bins (to keep underneath bed)
5. Water jug (can get filtered water in basement)
6. Swiffer & Swiffer pads (it gets dusty)
7. Slippers
8. Full-length mirror
9. Shoe organizer (to hang on dresser door)
10. Etagère (shelves for over the toilet)

Adrienne R.
1. 3-drawer storage unit (for clothes)
2. Storage rack (for hanging) 
3. Bed linens and foam pad to put on top of the your mattress
4. Mirror 
5. Hangers
6. Cleaning and laundry supplies and air fresheners
7. Cookware (pot, pan, containers, etc.)
8. Kitchen supplies (microwavable plates, cups, etc.)
9. Bathroom supplies (towels, rug, and shower curtain)
10. Personal items and toiletries

It looks like our current students are advising you to bring anything that will help you save space! Purchasing thin hangers, extra storage containers and organizers is essential. You may also want to buy your own full-length mirror. However, let's not forget that the most important thing to bring is a positive attitude. The residence hall is in the heart of NYC, and your experience will be exactly what you make of it. We look forward to seeing you here!

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