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LIM College Senior Co-Op at the World’s Most Famous Arena

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Some people need no introduction. I think the same goes for some places, and Madison Square Garden is one of them, because it has earned the tagline “The World’s Most Famous Arena."

I feel a smile spread across my face when I tell people that I am an intern for The Madison Square Company, and that I’m supporting one of my favorite teams, the New York Rangers.  An equally wide smile usually appears on the faces of those I tell. Then I get asked two questions:

“That’s awesome! I want to go to [insert name of any live sporting event or concert here.] Can you get me tickets?!”

The inevitable ticket question was funny the first time my mom asked it. Sadly, I have no tickets for you. 

Then they ask:

“But I thought you wanted to go into fashion?  Why aren’t you in fashion?

I got tired of this question even quicker than the first. Just because I’ll watch an awards show only to see what everyone is wearing, or that I have a closet that will metaphorically burst if my sister or I attempt to put another pair of shoes in it doesn’t mean that I only live and breathe fashion. I do not need to be immersed in fashion 24/7.

More importantly, sports and fashion do not operate mutually exclusively. Everybody has to get dressed, right? Many athletes have expensive and stylish tastes. Look at David Beckham, or a personal favorite of mine (and of legendary photographer Bruce Weber), New York Rangers’ goalie, Henrik Lundqvist. The man is always in a slim-cut suit, and some of his favorite brands are Dior, Hugo Boss, and Tiger of Sweden! Who says athletes don’t have style?

Of course, I won’t be spending my days at Madison Square Garden styling the men on the court or the ice. However, I will be dressing some other important people – the fans. For the next few months, I’ll be joining MSG’s Merchandising and Licensing department, which is responsible for buying and merchandising all of the apparel and novelty items in the team stores at the arena (as well as the store at Radio City Music Hall). I’ll be working with the buyers and brand managers in the department to ensure that the fans have a great assortment of products to choose from and show their team pride.

Until next week, Let’s Go Rangers! Let’s Go Knicks!

-- Alexis Michaelides

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