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Gaining Experience in Visual Merchandising, Part 1

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Having experience in the Visual Merchandising field is very important when getting hired for a full-time position.  While studying at LIM College, students are encouraged to gain as much work experience as possible prior to graduating.

LIM College offers a number of ways, including internships and volunteer opportunities, to help students add to their resumes and make meaningful connections in the industry. Following are a few ways in which an LIM student can gain Visual Merchandising experience prior to graduating:

Working in a retail store:  During my freshman year at LIM, I took a part-time retail job at the Oakley store in my local mall. While working at Oakley, I learned that Visual Merchandising was going to be my future career path. I learned the importance of product placement and window displays. I also learned that it’s the small things that matter the most in visual displays, such as keeping them clean, neat and relevant to the customer. I think that it is important for any Visual Merchandiser to have retail experience so that they can learn how people shop and the effects of visual displays. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents lola.rephann My Documents website BLOGS Hubspot Blogs VM Blog Oakley1

A visual display similar to the ones I maintained while working for Oakley

-- Tara Mangiero

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