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Getting Creative in Visual Merchandising

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When creating visual displays the important thing I learned from my classes at LIM College is to find something ordinary and make it extraordinary. The most effective displays are the ones that use everyday products and turn them into works of art. These are the types of displays that make people on the street stop and stare into the windows.

While walking down Fifth Avenue to school this week, I could not help myself from stopping to stare at Saks Fifth Avenue’s new window displays.

VM4 1

VM4 2

They created these large brown structures coming down from the ceiling and onto the walls. When I got a closer look I realized that these structures were made out of brown paper lunch bags. Lunch bags are such a common thing that people are so quick to use and throw away, but this Visual Merchandising team decided to take the ordinary brown paper bag and make it extraordinary.

While taking Product Presentation this past spring semester at LIM College, one of our projects was to create multiple displays using the same product. I chose a gold bracelet. We were encouraged to use found objects in our displays. 

VM4 3

VM4 4

In these two displays I decided to use objects that we see every day. In the first display on the left, I decided to multiply picture frames to create an artistic look. In the display to the right, I made two structures out of clothespins.

Another retail store that incorporates everyday objects into their displays is Anthropologie. They always take found objects to the next level and create beautiful windows.

VM4 5

VM4 6

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