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Back-to-School with Bergdorf Goodman

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Welcome back to school fellow LIM College students! Have you walked past Bergdorf Goodman’s windows this past week? One of my personal favorite stores known for their visual displays has taken a very unique turn for their current windows. Back-to-school:  a theme which you would rarely see a high-end department store on 5th Avenue display in their windows.



Bergdorf Goodman, never one to disappoint, displayed back to school in a way you would not see displayed by any other store. They displayed desks hanging from the walls, repetitive globes, and even a life-size skeleton you would see in a science class standing in front of a chalkboard.  My absolute favorite one of these five windows would have to be the single girl, in a very chic outfit, sitting outside of the principal’s office.




These windows definitely give you the feeling of being on a university campus in the fall. The fashion that was chosen was right on target with the neutral colors for fall and the sophistication of the windows. Similar to what Bergdorf Goodman does in all of their windows, everything from the floor to the ceilings is telling a story and that is so important for visual to be complete to engage their customers.

Topics: visual merchandising, fashion trends