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Real World Experience in Visual Merchandising Class

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Being a Visual Merchandising major at LIM College gives you the opportunity to work with very talented professors who have been successful in the Visual Merchandising industry. As seniors, Visual Merchandising majors are required to take Professor King’s Visual Merchandising: History, Theory, and Practice class. So far, he has found stimulating ways to challenge the class with real-life experiences in the classroom. Last Wednesday he had us do an interesting yet complex in-class assignment. We were to pick a number out of his hat and then in that order pick from miscellaneous materials he had brought into the classroom. I picked a bottle of Zyrtec Allergy medicine.


With this item we were then required to create a P.O.P. (Point of Purchase) display, using only the scrap materials that were in the communal closet, and we had 90 minutes to execute the display. Usually when creating a project in class we are given time to buy materials and prepare a plan of action, which makes the construction run a lot smoother. 


Professor King explained to us that he wanted to see how well all of us worked under pressure. While working in the Visual Merchandising field you are not always going to have the time, money, and supplies needed to execute a display. The most important part is how well you work with what you have and if you can create a successful end product.

This was my in-class P.O.P. Assignment. When I picked up the Zyrtec bottle, I automatically thought of allergies and springtime. I happened to have gardening gloves in my tool box and I created the tag line “Get Back in the Garden.” Although there was the pressure of the time crunch on this project, I totally enjoyed creating it! 


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