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Classes in Taiwan and Classes at LIM: What's the Same? What's Different?

posted by Vicky Hung


The way of teaching

In Taiwan, most of our professors use PowerPoint to teach. Therefore, textbooks are not required in most of time. What they do is make notes for us, so we can have a clear idea about what the point is. Then, they will upload the PowerPoint and related resources on the ilearn system (just like Blackboard) for us to review for exams.

In contrast, textbooks are required at LIM and professors tell us to preview the content before we go to the class. Then, they start up the lesson by asking questions that lead us to the main concept of the chapter.

Some of the professors at LIM use PowerPoint as well, but others lecture and we take notes. Therefore, we have to be very focused in order to get all the important messages.


In Taiwan I studied at a business school. Therefore, a laptop was necessary in class. Students would take notes on our laptops right on the PowerPoint presentations which would help us to understand everything bettwer when we were reviewing by ourselves.

Also, because all of the handouts are online, we don’t need to deal with finding notes in the midst of piles of paper. Sometimes professors might give us a pop quiz in class, but we could search for the answer online.


At LIM, professors will explain assignments. However, they aren’t going to tell you everything step by step. You need to figure it out by yourself.

If you really have questions, you can ask. For example, for my visual merchandising class, I needed to make a floorplan with a computer. However, the professor didn’t teach that program in class because of time limits. I needed to ask classmates and Google it. 

On the other hand, the professors in my home school will tell us everything in detail. There will even be another class in which an assistant teacher gives us more information about the key points of the lesson and how to complete the assignments in the right way. That’s why we meet three or four times a week for one class in Taiwan compared to two times a week at LIM.

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