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Converting Your Senior Co-op

posted by Taryn Garshofsky

The Facts: 55% of students in the Class of 2014 received an offer for employment from the company where they completed their Co-op.


The Co-op internship is the culmination of your time as an LIM College undergraduate. You’ve gotten a great position, worked hard throughout the semester, and want to stay following graduation.

Converting your Co-op from a full-time internship to a full-time job can seem intimidating, but many LIM students do it successfully each semester. How will you convert your Senior Co-op? Here are some tips:

  • Treat this internship like a full-time job and take it seriously.
  • Be assertive!
  • Go above and beyond.
  • Carry a notebook around with you at all times – take notes on EVERYTHING!
  • Build strong relationships by listening and learning.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it shows that you are interested and care.
  • Meet with your internship supervisor regularly.
  • Use your Co-op as a time to network, network, network!
  • Keep a record of the tasks and projects you complete as well as new skills you have learned. This will come in handy for your resume.
  • Finally, LET THEM KNOW YOU WANT TO STICK AROUND! Don’t assume that your supervisor and/or HR department can read your mind and that they know that you want a full-time position. Set up a time to meet with your supervisor to express your strong interest in continuing with the company as an employee following the end of your internship and ask what steps you should take to try to make this happen.


By: Taryn Garshofsky, Career Advisor

Topics: Student Advice, Career Services