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Day in the life as an LIM student

posted by Kianna Plummer

I am a Fashion Merchandising major, interested in minoring in Marketing. I am currently taking 18 credits at LIM College; I work for the marketing department at LIM and the academic affairs office. My most productive days are Wednesdays and Mondays.

I wake up at 9 am on Mondays. I like to start my mornings with breakfast and a cup of hot tea. I will get ready for the day then leave my apartment at 10:30 am. I live in Brooklyn so, the train ride and walk is about 45 minutes to Townhouse. I have my Retailing class in Townhouse at 11:30 am. After class, I walk to Maxwell and work in the academic affairs office. I work from 1 pm to 5 pm for the Academic Affairs office for LIM. After work, I like to sit in the library or the common area of Maxwell Hall and work on homework for a bit. I head home around 6:30 pm, make dinner, and work on assignments. 

Every day that I do not have class I work at Superga, an Italian shoe store in SoHo. After work on Tuesdays and Thursdays- Sundays I finish any projects I have to complete for the marketing office. 

On Wednesday, I have two classes back to work again back and then at the Academic Affairs office. My first class is Sustainability and the class after that is Honors Management. Honors Management is a full Zoom class. I like to head to the quiet study rooms in the library when I have that class.

On Thursdays, I have my Accounting class at 8 am and then I do homework in the library until I must head to work in SoHo. I have two classes that are completely online. 

I typically get the work done for these classes on Mondays or Thursdays in between classes and work. I like to complete all my homework and assignments during the week, so on Saturday and Sunday, I can relax and see friends after work. 



Kianna headshot croppedAbout the Author

Kianna Plummer is a sophomore pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration at LIM College. In addition to being a member of the LIM Blog Club, she is also part of the College’s Fashion Scholars program and is a member of the Student Life Activities Board (SLAB).

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