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De-stress About Stress

posted by Samantha Schechter

Success_No_Stress.jpgWe all know the feeling of getting stressed out, especially over school. Whether stress causes your skin to break out, your hair to fall out, or overall aggravation, here are my personal tips towards staying stress-free, or at least how to handle stress when it comes your way.

  1. Identify your stressors

  2. Write a list of everything that is causing you stress, AKA your stressors. Evaluate them closely and think about how you are going to approach each situation on your list. Simply writing down your stressors can calm you down.

  3. Take a deep breath

  4. Remind yourself that it will all be okay. It can be annoying to hear other people tell you that simple motto, but hearing it from yourself is very helpful. Sit down and take ten deep breaths, as you are doing so, repeat in your mind, “It will all be okay.” Use the stress and channel it towards relaxation.

  5. Release your stress

  6. Of course we’ve all seen some sort of sports movie that shows an angsty teen letting go of their problems through their sport. While this is a great way to release pent up stress, other options besides sports include dancing, listening to music, hitting the gym, taking a peaceful walk, and simply stretching. Just the release of tension in your muscles can often release the stress from your mind.

  7. Get organized

  8. Live by your planner. It’s totally personal preference when it comes to how you stay organized, but organization is by far the key to eliminating stress. Using a calendar or reminder app, a physical planner, or just a notebook are great ways to keep your schedule in tact.

  9. Recharge

  10. Your mind will only stay focused when it’s well rested. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep per night since this can help your mind to relax. Also, being well rested can help you stay more focused when studying or testing.

  11. Vent

  12. Saying your stressors out loud to someone is very refreshing. It almost feels like when you're saying them out loud you’re releasing them out of you. You can also just say them to yourself!

  13. If you're feeling a great deal of stress, make an appointment with Counseling & Wellness Services at LIM.

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