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Emmy's 2015: Flop or Nah?

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by Kaya Rogers

This year's Emmy's red carpet did not "wow" me in any way. I feel as if these celebrities are almost at the point where they're thinking, "Another award show? Okay. Go to the closest store and just grab me something suitable."

Long gone are the days where all of these prestigious red-carpet events were a must-see to gawk at what your favorite actress was wearing.

The trend this year (which we see most years) were long, flowy dresses with tucked wastlines. Not too many of the celebrities broke this mold. I also spotted a lot of black dresses which as simple as it is, seemed to work for the majority that wore it. Metallics were also a big thing with TV stars like Scandal's Kerry Washington and Mad Men's Christina Hendricks shining bright in them.

Though I was disappointed, I did spot a couple of favorites. To begin with, I thought Joanna Newson's Delpozo gown was absolutely beautiful. The peach color suited her and didn't wash her out. The silhouette was unique and the appliqué was abstract. Needless to say, I enjoyed this outfit very much.

One of my second favorites was Lady Gaga. I hope she made her monsters proud with this updated take on the black dress. Something about this was simple yet very hot at the same time. Her entire look was stylish and well put together.

Lastly, Claire Danes COMMANDED the red carpet with a gorgeous plum Prada dress. The sequins weren't too much. They just helped the garment glisten across the carpet. The functional but fashionable chain arm straps were also a perfect touch. This look was edgy and elegant all at the same time.

One of my many least favorites was Heidi Klum's....creation. This Versace dress simply had way too much going on and it looked unfinished. It had one sleeve, with some kind of ruffle going on, a feather like print on the other side, and then the rest of the dress was sheer. I was so confused.

I truly didn't like Zoe Kazan's dress either. It was candy-striped, and made my eyes dizzy. It blended in with the red carpet and in my opinion, she looked uncomfortable in it, which did not help her case at all.

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