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Enhance Your Career During The Holiday Break

posted by Michelle Duron

There are so many options of activities to do during the holiday season. Take a vacation overseas, visit your family, or relax to compensate for those long, sleepless nights of studying during the semester. Although leisure time is always necessary, doing something to enhance your career during break will better serve you in the long run. The first step is composing a check list for all your career goals and aspirations.

When creating your check list, ask yourself the following questions… What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? How will you start? The answer is simple, if you want to build experience or a certain skill or trait; a winter course, home practice or even social networking events may help. Below are ten useful tips to consider toward enhancing your career during the Holidays.

dreamjobcareerenhancement.jpg1. Keep a Career Journal: Keep track of everything you have accomplished and plan to accomplish with pen and paper. Write down your goals and all the careers you are interested in after graduation.

2. Research: Take a breather and focus on what you want. In your journal, write down every potential career path. Make sure to always have a back-up plan. For instance, your Plan A, may consist of focusing on CAD (Computer Aided Design) in order to one day land a job in fashion design. On the other hand, after thinking about your hobbies, you may also consider writing or blogging to build experience for a possible career in fashion publishing.

askyourselfcareerenhancement-1.jpg3. Internships: Apply to Internships that you are interested in. Whether it is paid or unpaid, it may lead you to your dream role after graduation. Internships are a great way to network and build connections within the industry in which you are interested in. Starting over the Holiday Break, will give you the leverage to focus on your tasks. Use websites such as LinkedIn, LIM’s Job board: Simplicity, ED2010 etc. or apply directly to the company! Get in touch with former recruiters from the LIM College Fair.

4. Check your Health: Make your health a priority. Stay on top of those important doctor and dental appointments!

5. Fix your Resume and Cover Letter: Edit your resume. Double check for any grammar mistakes and make your bullet points concise. For more guidance, follow the LIM College template format.

nextexitcareerenhancement.jpg6. Land a Job: If you’re looking to make some extra cash, apply for a seasonal job over the holidays. You can look for open positions on LIM’s job board: Simplicity; Indeed, Monster, Zip Recruiter, etc. A retail position over the holidays will allow you to save some cash and you’ll gain experience in the fashion industry.

7. Stay Debt-Free: Once you find a job, set up a checklist and see what is the most important thing you have to pay off. Whether it is college tuition or your credit cards. Make sure you save every cent from that seasonal gig over the holidays.

graduationcareerenhancement.png8. Scholarship: If you are thinking about applying to scholarships, go to the scholarship office and gain some insightful tips on how to do so. Or visit to search for scholarships and tips on how to save money wisely while in school.

studyabroadcareerenhancement.jpg9. Study-Abroad: If it has always been your dream to travel, but you are hesitant, do your research on your preferred destination. LIM College offers the Cross-Cultural Analysis and a vast amount of options throughout the year. Visit: This is a great time to research and plan your travels for next winter break!

10. Practice Philanthropy: The art of giving is contagious over the holidays and a great way to do so is by volunteering at local events. Donate by focusing your energy in motivating and helping people in need. Try organizations like Bottomless Closet; visit to help women dress and motivate them for their careers!

volunteercareerenhancement.jpgOr apply for mentoring and leadership roles to assist first-year LIM students. Visit the site:

Here are other options to give a little over the break; coat drives and serving meals are included in some of these events at:

Overall Don’t forget to Treat Yourself. Who says you can’t work hard and play hard? Once you are done with your career enhancements this winter break. Enjoy the holidays, rest, spend time with family, indulge in your favorite foods. Shop for that must-have accessory or outfit (obviously after you pay off your debt). Exercise, Meditate, eat healthy foods and get a massage. You deserve it. Hard work pays off!